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The Shift
I HAVE TO say, Apple really missed a trick with the release of iOS 13.4, which added real support for mouse and trackpad control for the first time. It was released on 24 March, just over a week before the iPad’s 10th anniversary (3 April was its off
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How To Remove Objects
When composing a shot, sometimes we may not notice distracting elements in the frame, such as a telegraph pole poking up behind our subject’s head, sensor spots, plane contrails, or distracting strands of grass. Click on the Retouch brush icon. Drag
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Things To Consider…
Some laptop messenger bags ape the briefcase look more than others with a top–mounted full–length zip; others opt for a flap held in place (often) by plastic clasps. Flaps and clasps can be more fiddly than zips, although such bags tend to have more