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Create And Restore A Backup
REQUIRES SuperDuper app, external USB drive YOU WILL LEARN How to back up and restore files using SuperDuper IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes APPLE’S TIME MACHINE is a good example of how the Mac is supposed to work. It takes a tedious time-consuming chore —
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M&D MW07 Plus
APPLE’S $249 AIRPODS Pro very nearly won the test. However, while they’re easy to pair with your iPhone and offer great sound quality, usability isn’t as great — their shorter stems making them trickier to get to grips with. At $199.99, the Libratone
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News In Brief
Apple has reported its highest quarterly revenue ever: $91.8 billion in its financial quarter ending December 28, 2019, a rise of 9% from the corresponding quarter a year ago. Not only was this unexpected, but it came as a result of a strong recovery