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The amazing quality of the Jullian French box easel is world renowned. It is highly regarded for its design and the versatility of its applications. It has been copied many times over – but not in distinction.

It is a combination of a sketch box, easel and canvas carrier. This union saves time and money for the user. It is perfect for students going to and from classes and for artists who paint on location. It’s also great to use as a desk easel that will fold away; for those people who are tight on space at the studio or at home.

The easel is easy to modify and is adaptable to many painting angles – flat for watercolours, vertical for oils/ acrylics, and forward for pastels. The T-bar that holds the canvas is adjustable in height and length (canvas up to 800mm), but it is also designed to carry two wet canvases for the trip home.

The telescopic legs are fully adjustable for height, allowing the user to work in the standing or sitting position – or on uneven outdoor surfaces. The two front legs fold away compactly to the side, while the adjustable rear leg disappears neatly into the underside of the easel’s sketch box.

The Jullian is particularly known for its remarkable stability, presenting the artist with a rigid structure. A true test is to line up assembled easels next to one another for a direct comparison – it’s amazing how some of the competitors impersonate jelly in their behaviour … not what you want when you’re painting.

A great benefit

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