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The Megalong Valley

My passion for the art of painting began more than 40 years ago. I love the illusory nature of oil paint; even the smell of it. To create form and space, light and movement – simply by applying this thick coloured ‘butter’ to canvas – is a joy indeed.

To imbue the ordinary everyday with a transcendence revealing it on a lighter, more magical, plane … is both a challenge and a delight.

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Artist's Palette2 min read
Setting the Scene
Before I start, I do a photo collage with the images I have chosen, which have inspired my painting. I listen to repetitive music to get in the rhythm and let that flow through to my brush. This work is on a metal panel. I love to see the shine of th
Artist's Palette6 min read
Born Of The Thespian World
I was 17 years old when I did my apprenticeship as a commercial artist. I was taught craft, drafting and construction by artisans, reproductionists, illusionists, and masters. It was about aesthetics and technique, precision, flamboyancy, extreme, c
Artist's Palette1 min read
Artist’s Hints And Tips
How the painting will look when it is finished depends upon the support (that is, the linen, panel, paper, and so on) that it is painted on. The painting process starts with the support. It is worth spending the money on good pre-primed linen or spen