Artist's Palette

Painting in the Flinders Ranges

On Wednesday morning 21 May at the remote Willow Springs Station deep in the Flinders Ranges, I climbed out of my swag while it was still dark. As I rebuilt the campfire, Belair artist and fellow traveller Leslie Jorgensen joined me in its glow. We had a cup of tea and a yarn while we waited for the sun to rise. Before too long, our companions gathered for an early breakfast.

We packed up the camp and headed north to Blinman. The weather, at last, was sunny (but cool). The tiny and distant town of Blinman boasts a coffee shop and a pub – members of the group visited both for refreshments and stocks for the days ahead.

The Toyota Troop Carrier and its happy load proceeded to Mt Chambers Gorge for more painting and a lunch stop. The roads were dusty, but the scenery was fantastic.

At Mt Chambers Gorge the artists dispersed to walk, sketch, paint, and takeinspired by my brief lesson from Jenny Greentree the day before. Although it was not a very good picture, it prompted some warm praise from the others in the group – particularly when I lied to them and said it was actually done by Gillian Ryan. Gillian and Richard were both parties to the deception and we had a good laugh about it later.

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