am writing this during a cold snap in December, which in the Northeast U.S. means temps in the low 20-degree F range. During my morning walk, an acquaintance returned my hello outside the coffee shop with a

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VHF Reinvented
The new Cortex from Vesper Marine is more reminiscent of a smartphone. The touchscreen handset (the size of a mobile phone) combines a Class B AIS transponder and remote vessel monitor with VHF. Vesper CEO Jeff Robbins says, “Cortex fundamentally cha
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Learn To Feel Your Boat
Watch experienced skippers handle their boats around a dock, and you’ll be impressed with the feel they have for the way their vessels move. So, how do beginning boaters develop that kind of boat sense? The National Safe Boating Council has developed
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BOAT DOCTOR /// Q&A • WEEKEND WORKBOOK • QUICK STUDY • WHAT TO LOOK FOR • BOAT DOC SPECIAL Q:SLICK! Hi, Doc. I typically give my buddy bearings a couple of squirts of grease every 150 miles. (That’s the round trip to my favorite freshwater fishing ho