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• 55cm ( 5/8yd) feature print fabric (bag front and pockets) • 45cm ( 1/2yd) solid black fabric (bag back and strap) • 35cm ( 3/8yd) solid mauve fabric (lining) • 65cm ( 3/4yd) bag batting; Kate used Matilda’s Own bag batting • 70cm (27in) length of
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Getting to know … TONE FINNANGER
Tone set about designing the BOM quilt featuring her whimsical and romantic style. In the next issue of Homespun we will release a ‘sneak peek’ of the gorgeous quilt you can make. Meanwhile, we share a little background about Tone’s creative journey.
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If you need a durable tote for the market, beach or whatever, these bags are versatile and fun! Eight stylish and trendy bags are ready to stitch using worsted-weight cotton yarn and one made using strips of plastic bags! Designs are made using diffe