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• 55cm ( 5/8yd) feature print fabric (bag front and pockets) • 45cm ( 1/2yd) solid black fabric (bag back and strap) • 35cm ( 3/8yd) solid mauve fabric (lining) • 65cm ( 3/4yd) bag batting; Kate used Matilda’s Own bag batting • 70cm (27in) length of
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Kathryn Mcwilliam
Please describe where you live. I live in Indooroopilly, a suburb of Brisbane. My workspace is a spare bedroom or ‘sleepout’ as we call it on the land. Tell us about your family life. I have a husband and two adult daughters and four lively grandchi
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Uptown Tote
• 80cm ( 7/8yd) feature print fabric – see note. Monica recommends medium-weight woven fabric such as 100% cotton, linen or linen/ cotton blends, ideally just a little heavier than cotton fabrics sold for quiltmaking • 80cm ( 7/8yd) coordinating tone