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To make two monkeys and two bananas

• 40 x 90cm (16 x 36in) each of wool felt in two different shades of mid/dark brown (bodies)

• 10cm (4in) square of light pink wool felt (inner ears and cheeks)

• 10 x 25cm (4 x 10in) tan wool felt (faces)

• 5cm (2in) square of black wool felt (noses)

• 15 x 30cm (6 x 12in) cream wool felt (bananas)

• 20 x 80cm (8 x 32in) yellow print fabric (banana skins)

• Two pairs of buttons, diameter 15mm ( 5/8in) in colours to coordinate with the overall fabrics

• 40 x 60cm (16 x 24in) each of four print fabrics (overalls outer and lining)

• Four 10mm ( 3/8in) black shank buttons (eyes)

• Crochet cotton to coordinate with the brown wool felts

• Black stranded embroidery floss

• Machine-sewing thread to match the fabrics

• Stiff paper for patterns

• Tracing paper

• Fibre fill

• Long doll needle

• Chopstick or turning tool

• Sharp 4B pencil

• Water- or air-erasable fabric-marking pen

• Rotary cutter, ruler and mat

• Sewing machine

• General sewing supplies

Hand stitches used: Backstitch, ladder stitch

Finished sizes:

Monkeys: 38cm (15in); bananas: 11cm (4 1/4in)

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