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Six Degrees Of Freedom
It was February of 2013. 6D Helmets founder Bob Weber sat watching the Arlington Supercross on a big screen surrounded by industry representatives. His helmet brand, 6D, had just launched. This was the first on-track outing for Geico Honda Team rider
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It’s Evolution Baby
KTM gave us all brand-new bikes just three years ago. That model line-up still stands up well against the competition, which, let’s face it, on a bike-to-bike ratio is basically just Husqvarna, Sherco and a couple of Yamahas. Beta will get in there t
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From Bob Weber, Founder, 6d Helmets
Was there a specific incident that triggered your need to design a change in the helmet market? Not so much a specific event, more an awareness that helmets could be better. I have had a number of concussions over my lifetime, and a few were severe