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Killing Eve Season 2 Is as Macabre and Audacious as Ever

The BBC America drama navigates its way into a gratifying second year.
Source: BBC America

Early in the first episode of ’s second season, Eve (played by Sandra Oh), pallid and shaky after committing an unplanned act of violence, walks unthinkingly into a train station. She goes into a candy store, where she piles scoop after scoop of jelly beans and gumballs into a pink-and-white-striped paper bag. The saleswoman raises an eyebrow at Eve’s wanton gluttony—the bag is full and yet she keeps adding more, until a pale-blue marshmallow tumbles out and lands in front of a small boy. As he reaches out to take it, Eve pounces, slamming her hand down upon his as her face transforms, just

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