1 Borilla St, Emerald, Queensland, 4720 Open Tuesday to Friday 7am to 5pm, Saturday 7am to 2pm, Sunday 7am to 12pm 0434 881 329

When Sydney barista Peter Jeon moved to Emerald in Queensland, he brought a love of specialty coffee with him, and wanted to share it with the local community.

Peter opened The Sensory in November 2018, his second café in Emerald following the success of his first, Shelfield Coffee Brewers.

“Emerald is a mining town and many of the people moved here from big cities, so enough people wanted good coffee,” Peter says.

“I thought a specialty coffee shop might work here, and opening my own café was a dream. I knew if I opened my own coffee shop, Campos Coffee would be my first choice.”

The Sensory serves the Campos Superior Blend for its espresso-based beverages, which are prepared with a Mahlkönig grinder, Puqpress automatic tamper, and La Marzocco espresso machine.

“Campos was really big in Sydney and it was my favourite coffee,” Peter says.

“A lot of people are surprised to see Campos in Emerald. I try to bring the same level [of quality] you’d expect to find in the city.”

Single origins rotate on a monthly basis, and are prepared via V60 pour over and as Nitro cold brew. Peter says the cold brew is particularly popular due to the extreme temperatures in Emerald.

“Most of the people here try cold brew or V60 for the first time through us. I don’t think

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