Trekking Tanzania

John Russell Storey is the Marketing Manager of Trade at Cofi-Com.

Arriving in Tanzania was a world away from the bustling, crazy capital city experience of Kampala. Kilimanjaro Airport is bang in the middle of the countryside, with the nearest major town well over an hour’s drive away.

Most arriving passengers are whisked away by tour operators heading off to big parks like Serengeti. For us, it was a short drive to a nearby lodge for an afternoon of R&R before driving almost two hours the next day through arid scrub and acacia trees to Burka and Mondul Estates.

On arrival, the greenery and shade of the estate seemed like an oasis. Edwin Agasso, who looks after quality and export, took us through a tasting session and history of the farm. As we drove through the estate, Edwin explained the complex cycle

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