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Running AMUK
RENÉ VOLLGRAAFF (38) is a journalist from Johannesburg. The sole official finisher, she says: Choosing from 127 hours of memories on the four 100 mile races is a tough call, and would depend on the time of day, my mood, and my blood sugar levels. But
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Run Variety
Therese Hansen dashes through the vineyards on a very hot day at Hartenberg Wine Farm in Stellenbosch. “I have only been running for a few years,” says Therese, “but in 2019 I decided to do better. I felt like my sessions were all the same and I neve
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Cecilia Forest Western Cape
Access All day, every day Dogs With permit Fee Free /Trails Various /Best route 6km /Ascent 505m /Difficulty Intermediate /Time 80min When looking to do some climbing training for a race in the Mother City, Table Mountain has plenty to offer trail ru