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Photograph products

f you want to make a few quid from selling bits and bobs online, it can be a great help to get creative with your product photography. Selling platforms such as Etsy and eBay are great places to do

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CASE STUDY #2: Astrophotography
Astro photographs like this will rarely look like the finished article straight out-of-camera: they usually require heavy editing to enhance the delicate details. Raws can withstand far heavier editing than JPEGs, which are more likely to break up an
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Create Vintage Effects
Some time ago, I did a class on wet-plate photography. Wet-plate was the main form of photo creation in the American Civil War era, often practised by photographers in travelling wagons, pulled by horses. In this process, you create the plate, shoot
Digital Camera World1 min read
Camera skills Close-ups
Although macro lenses often include image stabilisation, its effect actually decreases the closer that the lens gets to the subject. As a result, for 1:1 work it’s usually better to use the camera on a tripod. Besides, the chances are you’ll switch t