Shimano has redesigned four models in its popular Stella SW spinning-reel series — the 8000PG, 8000HG, 10000PG and 14000XG. These big reels feature cold-forged Hagane gears for durability and smoothness, as well as the new Infinity Drive technology and HeatSink drag system

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The Stratton
I was invited to dine in the officers’ mess aboard the Stratton, a privilege not always granted to visiting press. The narrow room had a long table with chairs that backed against the far bulkhead, and a coffee bar along the other wall. Above the bar
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Mirror, Mirror
For longtime trailer-boaters, backing up a trailer is second nature. They have “game,” as my son calls it, thanks to years of experience and muscle memory. It’s poetry in motion, a ballet of truck and trailer that allows them to quickly launch the bo
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Polk’s Miracle Dsp Audio
Polk Marine Audio enlisted Bongiovi to develop its digital signal processing (DSP) system with three objectives. First, to optimize each stereo system by adjusting output settings to each specific speaker and amp in the setup. Second, to optimize tha