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Arms With Legs

SINCE 2015, the Pentagon has spent at least $2.2 billion arming and training Syrian fighters. While that equipment helped crush ISIS on the battlefield, some of it has fallen into

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How Joe Biden helped build a financial system that’s great for Delaware banks and terrible for the rest of us
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ONE DAY IN JANUARY 2014, police rushed to a farm in Rasdorf, Germany, after flames burst from a barn. They soon discovered that static electricity had caused entrapped methane from the flatulence and manure of 90 dairy cows to explode. Headline writ
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When Your Rape Doesn’t Count
SOMETHING ABOUT the knock at the front door made Mary-Scott Hunter think a neighbor was in trouble. She had just arrived home from her job at a corporate training company, and she was mulling over an earlier fight with her girlfriend, but the sound j