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Tiny Bees Fed On a Woman’s Tears—But Nature Gets Worse

Here are six other living things you don’t want to get stuck in your eye.
Source: Paulo Whitaker / Reuters

Bee stings hurt like hell, but there’s reason to consider yourself lucky if a venomous prick is the worst you’ve suffered from bees. Last week, Taiwan’s CTS news channel reported that a 29-year-old woman had gone out for a walk in the mountains and returned home with eye pain that wouldn’t go away. The next day, an ophthalmologist pulled four bees—all still alive—from under her right eyelid.

It might seem unbelievable that anyone could last the night with four bees lodged in the eye, but these specific insects were smaller than the common buxom bumblebee. As Hung Chi-ting, who treated the woman at Fooyin. Colloquially, they’re called sweat bees, named after one of their favorite foods.

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