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Series Debut

No Good Nick


On this mostly-for-kids sitcom dramedy, Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin play the Thompsons, parents of two teenagers who take in a distant relative named Nicole (Siena Agudong) after her parents die in a car crash. But wait! “Nick” is really a con artist working with her foster parents to rob the family. But wait, but wait! It turns out Nick is really doing the bidding of her not-dead imprisoned father, who is determined to right some wrong inflicted on his family by the Thompsons. The veteran adult leads and the young actors do their best with this unlikely mix of gags and grifting, but we’re not going to try to con you into believing that it is essential viewing. C —Clark Collis


Series Debut

Bless This Mess

9:30–10PM | ABC

“I need a simpler life,” Rio (Lake Bell) says early in the pilot of this ABC comedy. She and new husband Mike (Dax Shepard) have abruptly decided to ditch their bustling New York City lives—she’s a therapist, he’s a music journalist—for Nebraska, home of the shabby farm he just inherited. Despite its likable leads, the skyscraper-to-cornstalks premise feels stale—though Pam Grier delights as one of many kooky locals—and

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