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Huawei …ON THE FUTURE OF… Phones
Clement Wong is Huawei’s VP, Global Product Marketing, and has spent decades working in the digital and mobile industries. He’s been at Huawei for seven years, helping to steer its growth worldwide from a relatively unknown Chinese brand into a gadge
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Breaking New Ground
You might not be able to guess by looking at its traditional exterior, but the e-tron is unlike any Audi that’s come before. In fact, the e-tron (from £71,520, is the first all-electric car from the German brand, yet is designed to feel
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Amazon …ON THE FUTURE OF… Voice assistants
Eric King, General Manager, Amazon Alexa Europe, has been helping to grow Amazon’s voice services ever since it first opened the system up to developers, and has led the charge for growing the range of Alexa Skills and hardware partners for Amazon Vo