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Duncan Bell Is Innovating
When you write a column about tech for 10-plus years, you do find that you repeat yourself a bit. I’m sure you can identify with that everyday concern. A piece I’ve definitely written a number of times over the years is one about real innovation bein
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Gadget Guru’s Magic Box
The Guru family coffers have been stretched slightly further than expected, and GaGu’s scratched-up Pebble Time has been swapped out for a Ticwatch Pro (£220) rather than his intended Ticwatch E2. And what a watch: the smartwatch also-ran might have
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Robomow RX12U
Take back your precious weekend hours with a robo mower, which keeps your grass in check with no effort required. The Robomow RX12u is great for lawns up to a maximum of 250m2 (150m2 recommended) with a slope of up to eight degrees. When you tell it