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After 'Game of Thrones': The odds on 7 shows vying to become TV's next blockbuster

With "Game of Thrones" drawing to a close, streaming networks and cable outlets are racing to produce the next pop culture-defining blockbuster. Some echo the formula of the HBO series by drawing from existing fantasy or sci-fi novels while others draw from established franchises from the big screen.

Details on most of these shows are scarce but they share a couple common traits. Like "Game of Thrones," all of these shows hope to bring the sensation of a summer movie spectacle into our living rooms, and they all bear the production price tags to match. But like the series they hope to emulate, only time will tell which of these shows is the true heir.

'Game of Thrones' prequel

Odds of winning the crown: 2/1

Network: HBO

Premiere date: TBA

What's it about? Possibly titled "The Long

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