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Welcome To The September Edition Of Scootering
Mainly for my own amusement, I spend a lot of time observing everyday situations, people’s behaviour and reactions. Despite the myriad of one-liners, mischievous comments and obscure thoughts which flash through my mind, on the whole I tend to keep t
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Iron Man
Combining a 2.4mile (3.86km) swim, a 112mile (180.25km) bicycle ride and a marathon 26.22mile (42.20km) run, the Iron Man Challenge is one of the world’s most challenging sporting events. Anyone who completes the course within the stipulated time of
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16-18 British Vespa Days, Llangollen, Wales 16-18 Dirty Weekender, (Gerry Bromley Tribute Rally by Dirty Devils & Vulcan S.C. The Rose & Crown, Stelling Minnis nr Canterbury, Kent. CT4 6AS. 15.00 otg 16-18 Rat Run 8, by Yorks Templar SC and Feather