Kev’s Chronicles - Episode 4 Number ones, nationals and millionaires

The beginning of the 1980s was a turbulent, but none the less exciting time within the world of scootering. The mod revival, which had been created by more than just Quadrophenia, had faded away as quickly as it had exploded on to the scene. What it left behind was something that in a way no one knew what to do with. Overnight, scooter ownership had gone from a fragmented entity into something which was gripping the entire teenage nation. Of course, there had always been areas where it had never stopped flourishing, such as in the northern counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Even down south, there were pockets where it had survived. Now, however, it was a mainstream force across the entire country, and it needed joining together. Those that realised this fact, also knew of its potential. If it could be harnessed, then only greater things could come from it.

Piece of the action

Kevin Walsh was one of those people, and was by this time in a position of authority to be part of this new revolution. Established as general secretary of the LCGB, he was making the important decisions as to how they moved forward. It had been a traumatic time for both himself and the others that had run the club, the

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