A very nice man

Picture the scene. It’s the mid 1980s and at the Automobile Association’s headquarters, senior management is meeting to discuss the latest statistics. One figure stands out from all others... the AA Rider Club. Created as the two-wheeled equivalent of the regular AA recovery service, it seems that on some weekends in the Summer it can’t cope with demand. There’s arisk to profits and something must be done. The problem’s quickly identified as a bunch of young scooter enthusiasts, whose ageing machines keep breaking down, with only

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Scootering2 min read
O Fortuna is the tune I played to my guys in the back of the Warrior APC when we knew we were going into battle. In 2004 my Battalion (The 1st Battalion the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment) was deployed on Op Telic 4. Saddam Hussein had been toppl
Scootering5 min read
Back in 1979 when he was 14 Paul watched the newly released film Quadrophenia, and seeing Secret Affair's Time for Action , The Chords and The Lambrettas on Top of the Pops in the early 80s the touch paper was lit. As a result, but unbeknownst to Pau
Scootering7 min read
Teenage Pics Right Through The Night ...
This picture was taken after a Lambrettas gig at the Dublin Castle pub in Camden Town. Our gang was called the Golden Faces, after that line in The Jam's In the City - 'and those golden faces are under 25'. In the shot are, right to left, (Department