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When you buy a classic motorcycle – whether it’s a minty fresh white 1980 Yamaha RD250LC or a seen-better-days Honda FireBlade in the timeless red, white and blue livery – choosing the right insurer is vital.

The last thing you need when you’re anxiously stripping down

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Classic Motorcycle Mechanics2 min read
There comes a time in every shed dweller’s life when compromise is simply not good enough. When I got into classics long, long ago I was an impoverished dad with three small kids and minimal disposable income. Any bike spares I hoovered up were stor
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics1 min read
Gary’s Gas…
Having been around racing for many years working in BSB, WSB, pure road-racing, MotoGP, the itch to race, as we call it, has always been there festering away in the background. It’s just one of those things most of us just simply don’t get round to d
Classic Motorcycle Mechanics5 min read
Z900 Super Six Is Go!
I like to be busy working on a project, especially during the winter months when it’s usually wet and there is salt on the roads. I have just finished working on a Channel 4 TV programme, ‘Find it, Fix it, Flog it’, which has been taking up a fair am