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The 2019 Doorslammers preparation is already underway; the racer entry system is live and drivers are jealously eyeing the riches on offer. News of the Doorslammers’ incredible first-year success has spread across the North Sea and the tempting £80,000 total prize money has stirred Viking blood in

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Classic American4 min read
Behind the Wheel
It feels like an age since I’ve provided a Behind the Wheel update from the Evans household. Since the last time I wrote something for these pages, the little Chevy Sonic RS continues to give sterling service and is rather fun to drive. It’s no muscl
Classic American2 min read
Dodge De Tomaso Omni 024 ‘Sports Coupe’
Oh, how the mighty had fallen. Scroll back to the late Seventies and early Eighties and the Chrysler Corporation was scrabbling. If you believe his version of events, it was Lee Iacocca who single-handedly saved the smallest of Detroit’s Big Three fr
Classic American4 min read
Beaulieu's 53rd International Autojumble
Some may think that the life of the autojumbler is easy peasy. Just rock up with a paste table, unload your old estate car with your garage clearance items, set up your camping stove and frying pan, crack open a bottle of wine or beer and sit there i