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I’ve no idea who first said ‘you should never meet your heroes’, but in my experience they  couldn’t have been more wrong. Perhaps I got off to a good start, or was just plain lucky, but growing up in Lincolnshire, just a few miles from Cadwell Park
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WAYNE RAINEY ...rides again
Over 26 years after his career ending accident, grand prix legend Wayne has been back riding a motorcycle for the first time. The three-time world champion got his first emotional return at a local Californian track on a specially modified Yamaha R1.
Classic Racer2 min read
You know, I don’t normally get sentimental at this time of year. It feels like a long time between race ending and the season yet to come and these two things often make me grumpy (ask Malc) – but seeing the story of Wayne Rainey getting out on a mot