Sarah and Jennifer Hart seemed to have a perfect life with the 6 children they adopted. But a year after their deaths, police reveal the shocking plot that drove them to kill
FAMILY TRAGEDY A jury found Sarah (far right) and Jennifer Hart (center) guilty of murdering their kids (from left) Hannah, Abigail, Sierra, Jeremiah, Devonte and Markis and killing themselves in a plunge off a California cliff.

The “Hart tribe,” as Sarah and Jennifer Hart called the family they had made, regularly set off in Jen’s SUV “adventuremobile” for outings she turned into glossy Facebook posts—taking the six children they had adopted on 30 hikes in 30 days or a “Random Acts of Kindness tour” of walking shelter dogs and picking up trash. But the impromptu 54-hour road trip that the family began in the dark of night on March 23, 2018, was different. One of their first stops, as Jen piloted the gold Yukon SUV away from the family’s latest home in Woodland, Wash., and toward the cliffside southbound Pacific Coast Highway, was at a Walmart. There, according to police, Sarah bought a bottle of generic Benadryl. Within hours she was on her phone—not posting a travelogue to social media but plotting death.

“What will happen when overdosing with Benadryl?” Sarah Googled at one point.

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