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Bulletproof Your Back

about lowerback pain and stiffness: It will probably worsen as you get older. If you don’t fix things early, what starts as a little lumbar soreness when you’re getting out of a chair can devolve into crippling pain in your

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“We Have Tear Ducts Just Like An Exhaust Pipe.”
FROM ABOVE, YOU WOULD have seen two battered Humvees streaking down a rutted freeway, one behind the other in the center lane, surrounded by miles of Iraq’s parched terrain. As they approached an overpass, one moved into the far-left lane and the oth
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Bury These Zombie Fitness Myths
THE MYTH: You may think the ache and tightness you feel a day or two after you’ve blasted a muscle, technically known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), is a gym badge of honor. First described in 1902, it’s sometimes a result of muscle-fiber m
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Flex Your Style
UNDERCOVER KICKS + PLUS: UNBREAKABLE SHADES + PANTS YOU CAN WEAR ANYWHERE Old-school chino shorts can’t accommodate activities like kickboxing, and their legroom can’t handle your quad gains. Good thing you’ve got these dry-finish shorts from Lacoste