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son was born “out of nowhere” at 26 weeks and five days. Then came three and a half months in the neonatal intensive-care unit. Doctors told Bursaw he had to be strong for his wife and son, but the too-new father wasn’t sure

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How A Principal Took His Former Self To School
SETH FORD STATS AGE: 33 LOCATION: Big Springs, NE OCCUPATION: Principal BEFORE WEIGHT: 297 AFTER WEIGHT: 170 In 2010, I was a middle school history teacher just getting settled into my career; I invested almost no time in exercising. I ate whatever I
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The New Rules of “The Talk”
YOU NEED TO have “the talk,” and you need to have it before they go, my wife, Mary, implored. We’d recently moved west and our two sons, 14 and 12, were due to fly back to their hometown for a visit. Once there, they’d spend a month with their childh
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Q+A WITH THE E.I.C. HOW DOES Your Social Life Affect Your Health? —@brianmasefield
I COULD LIE, I guess, and say that I have a healthy social life—i.e., the kind that constantly nourishes and energizes my body, mind, and soul. But the truth is that I’m a little hungover at the moment because I had two beers too many at a party thre