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BRAWN! like Draymond Green
WHY: This one’s about control. “It’s easy to squirm on the way up and use your lower body to give you a boost,” says Green. “On the flip side, it’s easy to just not contract your muscles going down.” HOW: Hang from a pullup bar with a shoulder-width
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Belly Off!
AGE: 26 LOCATION: Bangor, Maine OCCUPATION: Financial advisor BEFORE WEIGHT: 315 AFTER WEIGHT: 195 I hit rock bottom when I was 315 pounds. I never felt more awful, lethargic, or self-conscious in my life—any kind of activity would wear me out. As I
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Her advice: “I’ve always been able to calmly talk and listen. That’s a big thing, because when players have input on what they’re working on, they are more likely to listen to you and trust in you.” “In a long season, energy tends to go away. So I te