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When Toyotomi Hideyoshi died in 1598, he left a unified Japan in the hands of his five-year-old son, Hideyori – appointing a council of regents, comprising the country’s five most powerful lords. However, as the samurai returned home from the disastr
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Opposing Forces
General Fidel Dávila General Francisco Franco General Joan Yagüe Lieutenant General Rafael García Valiño General Fernando Barrón 90,000 100 140 100 300 General Vicente Rojo Lluch General Juan Modesto General Enrique Líster Lieutenant Colonel
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Battle Of The Ebro
On the morning of 1 April 1939, Spaniards switched on their radios to listen to the high-pitched voice of Francisco Franco, the pudgy general from Galicia, who plunged Spain into three years of civil war that left half a million dead and a country in