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Germany First! This was the strategy agreed between Great Britain and the United States during the Second World War. Ever since Dunkirk the British had been aiming at getting back to the continent by one means or another. This idea was well understood in the UK, even in 1940 there were plans to return, for example one officer in September

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Guthrum Viking King
It was a brilliant stroke – an attack through the dark and chill of a winter’s night – that won a kingdom. Guthrum led his Viking war band south, riding hard from his base in Gloucester, heading for the royal estate at Chippenham. They were going to
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A View Of Mount Suribachi
Occurring on the same day that Hershel W. Williams earned his Medal of Honor, Mount Suribachi was captured on the morning of 23 February 1945. A photograph of six US Marines raising the American flag was taken by the photojournalist Joe Rosenthal of
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War In Focus
USS New Jersey (BB-62) fires nine 40.6cm guns near Kaesong, during the Korean War. Launched in 1942, the New Jersey served in the Pacific Theatre until the end of the Second World War. It served again during the Korean War and was eventually decommis