History of War



t 1405hr on 6 October 1973, the Syrians launched their three-pronged attack on the Golan Heights, following the main roads. Advancing along these roads allowed the Israelis to concentrate their defences, and partially negated the overwhelming Syrian advantage

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War In Focus
A US special forces soldier fires a Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifle on a firing range in Helmand province, Afghanistan. The original weapon was developed in Sweden shortly after WWII and was subsequently adopted by militaries around the world – favoured
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The campaign of 1806 began with the French victories of Jena and Auerstedt against the Prussians. Napoleon, having captured most major cities of Germany, marched east to crush remaining enemy forces. In December of the same year the Russian army came
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“Tough As Hell”
Over 90,000 members of the British Armed Forces served in the Korean War between 1950-53. It was the largest commitment of soldiers in a conflict since WWII and with casualties of 1,078 killed and 2,674 wounded it remains Britain’s deadliest post-war