HE IDEA OF SURFING A BOAT’S WAKE dates to at least the 1950s or ’60s, when recreational powerboating boomed in postwar America. It was a time when the idea of an “endless summer” appeared on movie screens, with surfers chasing tasty waves and a big, warm sun around the globe. More and more people began to think about surfing, and quite a few.”

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Evolution Unfolding
THERE ARE JUST 12 notes in a chromatic scale, but when arranged well, they create memorable melodies. And variations of those notes can make up new melodies that are also memorable. ¶ Consider, then, that the Monte Carlo Yachts 70—a variation of MCY’
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Sovery Clutch
Small-craft-warning flags were snapping. A post-hurricane nor’easter was blowing dogs off their chains, and muscular 6-to 8-footers roiled the Gulf Stream. I wasn’t surprised to see breakers across the Boca Raton entrance as we headed off Florida abo
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Making Way
I SOMETIMES HEAR people chat about how the marine industry is slow to adapt and change with the times. Maybe that was true once, but in my lifetime—including 20 years in this business—I’ve seen some eye-popping advances. ¶ When I was a kid, our boat’