ORIGINALLY, THE design plans for the 164-foot called for a crew pantry abaft the bridge. The owner thought that space might instead be ideal for stowing some of his favorite wines — 440 regular-size bottles and 60 magnums, to be exact. ¶ “As you come up the stairs from the main deck, the wine cellar, a 2017 launch, is entering the charter market after cruising throughout the South Pacific, and the owner wants to share his collection, which ranges in price from about $100 to $5,500 per bottle at auction, Jonsson says. ¶ “His whole idea is to promote the wine on the boat for wine enthusiasts to enjoy,” she says. “He wants to offer his personal collection at a discounted rate to our charter guests. I think that’s pretty precious.” ¶ A similarly mouthwatering experience can be had aboard the 146-foot , where chief stewardess Stephanie Marsh has built out a collection of wines at varying price points. ¶ “Our owner just loves California pinot noirs and cabernets; that was literally almost all that we had,” she says. “But after doing a Med season, I wanted a selection. I have at least four Bordeauxes, an Argentinian malbec, a Spanish Rioja, a variety of rosés and white wines as well. I like to have the options so we can say, ‘Oh, you don’t like pinot noir? Try this — it is more of a dark fruit.’” ¶ Aboard both yachts, tastings can be organized, along with meals that showcase food-and-wine pairings. All types of taste buds are welcome, and guests may be surprised by all that’s possible. As Jonsson puts it: “We have quite a massive selection.”

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