IF YOU’VE EVER CHARTERED A YACHT, OR IF YOU SUFFER FROM “10-foot-itis” and regularly upgrade your ride, then you can appreciate the headaches that can unfurl at an unfamiliar helm. Sure, somebody will give you a walk-through of the basics before you set off, but learning to operate a new vessel’s helm still comes with a steeper learning curve than, say, mastering a rental car’s dashboard, even one built by a different manufacturer than your everyday whip. ¶ Whywith different onboard systems such as HVAC, lighting and batteries, but it reportedly works best when spec’d with a Naviop digital-switching system. (Navico purchased Naviop in the summer of 2017.) ¶ “You need a Naviop system to get full benefit from the ID,” Ottosson says. “Without digital switching or integration, there’s no difference between an ID and an MFD. Builders can opt to use any digital-switching system, but it’s not the same rich experience as Naviop.” ¶ The ID presents networked information from a boat’s systems on the display’s right-hand side, while offering a chart plotter display with radar and AIS overlay on the left. This split-screen presentation gives users vast, real-time situational and operational information. ¶ Better still, the system’s Wi-Fi connectivity allows the ID to share networked information with wireless devices and — if internet connectivity exists — with a cloud server using a cellular communicator such as Navico’s BoatConnect system (see sidebar), long-range Wi-Fi or a satellite-communications system. This connectivity allows the ID to send everything from the boat’s location to systems data up to the cloud, a process that in turn lets the system deliver maintenance reminders and assist with diagnostics work. ¶ Cloud connectivity also allows owners to monitor, track and control their yacht and onboard systems via an app, so long as both the yacht’s ID and the user’s wireless device are online. ¶ “You can have the whole boat in your pocket,” Ottosson says, “even when you’re not on board.”

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