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All men must die. But Game of Thrones is not about men and women

I love Game of Thrones. Period.

Be it my childhood love of books, and later that of movies and TV serials, as soon as I finish reading or watching something, right away I want to go back to reading and watching it. That is if I love it. My instinctive response to anything is my personal gauge of the value of that thing.

I don’t read reviews, be influenced by anyone else’s viewpoint, or get into the literary or cinematic merits or demerits; I simply rate things as I respond to them during/after my first reading or viewing. And after re-watching the first four seasons of in the last few days, before I watch the last season in one go, I know that despite something missing in the last three seasons, there’s something so elementary about it’ll always be one of my all-time top seven TV shows: as soon as I stop watching it, I

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