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Balancing Act: In 'The Moment of Lift,' Melinda Gates makes the case for gender equity, from rural India to American marriages

Melinda Gates' new book, "The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World," ends with a love story.

Anna and Sanare live in Tanzania, where they work as farmers. When they were first married, Anna moved from her part of the country to Sanara's region, where they lived together in a goat hut. Anna walked 12 miles each way, daily, to the nearest well to fetch water.

After their first child was born, Anna could no longer make the daily trips. Sanare came home from the fields one day and found Anna on their doorstep, bags packed, ready to move back to her mother's house, where she could care for their baby and access water more easily and not burden her husband.

Sanare was heartbroken. He asked

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