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Percy Tait, 1929-2019
I never knew Percy Tait, but his name was one of the first I got to know when I came into the classic racing scene. I used to speak to his remarkable wife, Di, to try and get some time when he would be well enough to allow us to get some of his stori
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Norton P92
IN 1899 A BASSETT’S SWEETS SALES REP DROPPED several trays of samples while showing his confectionery to a client. In a desperate bid to rearrange them, he scrambled the various sweets together and in doing so created the multi-million pound product,
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Ken Talbot, chairman Triumph Owners’ MCC writes
HAVING BEEN BROUGHT up to love Triumphs I suppose it was inevitable that Percy would become God to me. Everyone knows about his racing exploits but there was another side to him. Before I give a couple of insights into this there is one race I must m