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If you’re looking for some exciting garden projects to produce tastier, healthier crops, then take a look at the latest book from regular contributor, Joyce Russell. Full of practical advice, tips and clearly explained step-by-step stages, New Vegetable Garden Techniques consists of 23 project ideas, from ones to get you started all the way through to harvesting. Make a foolproof single-dig bed, build a sturdy bean frame, create a vertical garden, make perfect pesto basil, protect plants from pests, and so on. Organised into four parts, you will find lots of sound advice

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■ Reclaimed timber is used in this project. You could also repurpose a solid drawer for the base and fit Perspex to size. You can use new timber, or timber of a different size to suit your space. ■ Plug the soil cable into a safe electricity supply.
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Hedge Your Bets
Grow a mix of hedgerow species so you can explore even more recipes in the kitchen. ■ ELDERBERRY: Elderberries can grow much taller than you, so they aren’t suitable for small gardens. That said, they offer both flowers and fruits for wine-making, an
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On The Veg Patch
Slugs, snails and insects aren’t very active in cold weather so they tend to do less damage. Look in the heart of cabbages and remove any slugs that have chosen to hide there. Birds can be a nuisance at this time of year – pigeons can strip the leave