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In the tradition of reading the back page last, I’ve just read your excellent article on plastic. I’ve been a fan of washing and reusing my pots for

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Nutpecker, from Grumpy Gardener, is an innovative new way of feeding garden birds. Packed with protein, oils, calcium and seeds, Nutpecker peanut butter bird food won’t fall to the ground, so no seeds will germinate and no rodents are attracted. The
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Make A Winter Home For Wildlife
October: most of the summer harvests have been gathered in, overwintering vegetables are growing in the allotment and polytunnel and there’s still plenty to pick for meals every day. There’s an exciting crispness to the air. I don’t feel sad watching
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Roots fork, are twisted or stunted. HOW TO CONTROL: Avoid freshly manuring soil just before sowing, or sowing in soil that is very stony or compacted. Manure in autumn for spring sowing; dig over soil and remove stones if necessary. The roots devel