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Turnips, along with swedes and other root crops, have long been grown as staple foods and with good reason. They are nutritious, relatively easy to grow and store well. But tastes and trends change and for some time turnips fell from favour. However, canny gardeners have always appreciated their importance and recently the gourmet chef’s desire for ‘new’ ingredients helped to turn the tide (see page 26). They are making a comeback with home veg growers

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Kitchen Garden6 min read
Make The Most Of Your Herbs!
Herbs are a fantastic and varied resource to access both in our gardens and sometimes by foraging. Many herbs and plants can have several uses that make them so vital as part of the garden. Most gardens have a few herbs for cooking such as basil and
Kitchen Garden3 min read
On The Veg Patch
Courgette plants aren’t frost-hardy but if you have a sunny window ledge it is easy to start off one or two early plants indoors. Sow one seed per 8cm (3in) pot of good compost and water lightly so the soil is damp. Put a clear plastic bag over the t
Kitchen Garden5 min read
Digging The Easy Way
With the rise in no-dig gardening the annual winter dig has been going out of style lately, yet for many gardeners this task marks the transition from the last harvests of autumn to the long winter months ahead. It’s when most tidy and prepare for th