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ON MEMORIAL DAY, we kick off our summer #RWRunStreak in force! Every day until the Fourth of July, you and me, me and you, we run at least one mile. That’s 39 days of running and just one daily mile is all it takes. Can you run more than one? Of course. Is one

One daily mile is more powerful than you can imagine. It represents your strength to self-motivate, crush all excuses, and follow through on your goals. Now THAT is a force.

And that one mile is the gateway to endless running opportunities. It’s a chance to convert a non-running friend with a chill one-mile trot. It’s a challenge to tackle and share with already-running friends. And even if you streak solo, it’s a daily commitment to treat and take care of yourself.

The beauty of committing to one mile a day—or any streak—is that the discipline and structure built into streaking sets you up for success. The decision-making process is taken out of the equation. There’s no anxiety or effort to figure out if you should run today, or how far. Just lace up and hit that mile. If the mood strikes you, keep going. If not, head home knowing you’ve accomplished your daily goal.

And I am so inspired by the incredible runners in this issue. They’ve shared their stories about the amazing things that have come from commititng to a goal, committing to a run, committing to something daily that isn’t always easy but transformed them as a person and as a runner.

Take Robert Kraft, a.k.a Raven. After life dealt him a savage setback (page 48), he started daily runs to manage and overcome his anger. There’s Marissa Zoda (page 53). The veteran flight attendant travels the world and uses her year-plus streak to force herself to get outside and experience the cities she flies to. And there’s Olivia Frempong (page 42). The mom of three started running to take control of her health, tried our fall #RWRunStreak from Thanksgiving to Christmas in 2017 and hasn’t stopped. She calls it her “daily therapy.”

Who knows? Maybe after the 4th I’ll just keep going. Are you with me? Let’s get this journey started. Share your #RWRunStreak with us! Let’s GO! —Runner’s World+ Coach Jess Movold

Join the Runner’s World Summer Run Streak. For 39 days, from Memorial Day to Fourth of July, we’re running at least a mile every day. #RWRunStreak


Jess Movold coaches our Runner’s World+ members. She’s ready to answer your training questions, share her favorite workouts, and push you to your next running goal.


IN 2013, I WENT to the doctor for a physical, and my blood pressure was elevated. My parents and several family members are on blood pressure medication, and I’ve known people that died from high blood pressure complications.

My doctor wanted to put me on medication. So I took the script and stared at it for a week. Then I made the decision: “I’m not going to fill this—I’m going to take care of this issue on my own.”

I decided to start running. So I ran for half a block, and went a little farther every day. And I fell in love. I went back to the doctor’s office just two months later and my blood pressure was normal. I framed that script. Now, I’ve done five full marathons.

In 2017, I was taking a year off marathons for more balance in my life. I told a friend I was going to do the fall Runner’s World Run Streak. She said she’d do it with me. Knowing that I had another run sister who was doing the same thing really helped it stick. We got through New Year’s Day and just kept going. We were hooked.

I’m writing this on day 476. I’m going to keep going as long as I can. The run streak has turned me into a running monster. I’m a beast now, thanks to my streak!

I want to help other people get out there, too. Three years ago, I helped start an Albany chapter of Black Girls Run, a nationwide organization that aims to bring awareness to heart disease and diabetes, issues prevalent in African American women. We currently have 500 runners. On a daily basis, I send out encouraging messages to get people moving, even if it’s just a walk down the block. I’ve gotten so many of my friends to start running. I want to inspire others—that’s my passion.

As told to Caitlin Giddings

OLIVIA FREMPONG/35/Social worker/Rensselaer, NY


Recruit a friend. An accountability buddy will help you stay focused.

Know your best times to run. I’m a morning person, so I get it knocked out before I start my day.

Plan ahead! There are going to be times when life happens, but you deserve those minutes to get a mile in. You're worth it!



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