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Creating a custom

his is one scooter I never thought I’d see out on the road again, so how did it come to be? For anyone unfamiliar with this particular machine, it first featured in the September 2007 edition of Scootering. Then owner, Wayne Stanton (owner of other scooters such as Grim Fairytale and RatFink) had collaborated with Sean Brady to create the stunning machine, with its outrageous side panels and a seductive name. The scooter won a bunch of local shows and shot straight to fame across the web. The name of the scooter became so well known, I myself used it as a platform

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Owner Details
Name: Helen Speak. Job: Hairdresser. Scooter club & town: Bigots SC, Preston. First interest in scooters: Through my partner Tony about five years ago, when he got his scooter back on the road and I went everywhere with him riding pillion. What i
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Scooter Specifications
Name of scooter & reason: The name is The Joker because it is a very whimsical person I like, and the pictures and the murals are very interesting for me. The theme is a darkness thing I like. The faces with the make-up are a good inspiration for the
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Cheam Lambretta Club member, Eric Jones, was recently contacted by the Laneham Camera Club, who invited him to bring his scooter to one of their club meetings. Eric and wife, Sandra, accepted the invitation and took his 54-year-old low mileage Lambre