Camilla’s Sei Giorni

“Christian, I started my scooter journey as an absolute purist. If in my Vespa there were not all the screws that Piaggio had installed at the factory, I would not have liked this, and I would not have cared for the machine”

One of the most widespread differences between many owners and riders in the world of Vespa and Lambretta falls between the passion of riding and getting many miles under your belt. The other desire is to appreciate the aesthetics and design of the machine. Most restoration enthusiasts favour the visual exploration, customisation and design of the machine, with many enthusiasts willing to spend days, weeks, months and even years in the pursuit of creating the most beautiful machine. Yet these enthusiasts may not even care to know the amount of kilometres which could be travelled, or to contemplate trips that the same machines could count when out on the road. For my personal and professional interest,

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