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The essential 'Game of Thrones' dead pool: Who will die this Sunday?

After two episodes of tense reunions and fireside farewells, the big war that's been coming since the first episode of "Game of Thrones" begins this Sunday.

And though some fans have grown impatient with the season-long "sitzkreig" that's seen more conversations in the crypt than actual action, there's reason for viewers to dread the long-awaited arrival of the Night King's forces at Winterfell because, as often mentioned last week, not everyone is making it out alive to fall back to the Iron Islands.

Below, based on a few storytelling hints and whatever passes for potential narrative logic (along with maybe just a little bit of wishful thinking), are rankings of the prospects of survival for characters major and minor in the upcoming battle with the Army of the Dead.

Safe (for now):

The Night King: Ending a fight that's been promised the whole series within a span

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