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How to Record Calls on an iPhone

There are many reasons you might want to record a call on your smartphone: an interview for work, a customer service call, or a conversation with a loved one. Android devices have few recording limitations (and many of the tips below also apply), but things get tricky when you want to record a call on an iPhone.

You would think there’d be an app for that, but Apple doesn’t allow third-party applications to access the microphone and the integrated Phone app directly. But there are tricks within some apps and services to get around that limitation that can make you a mobile wire-tapping master.

Before you push Record, be sure to tell the person on the other end of the line you’re recording; depending on your location, you may be breaking a law if you don’t. Some US states—such as New York— require only one-party consent, which means you can record without telling the other person. In California, however, all parties must know they’re being recorded—even when the recorder is out of state. Under

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