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Augmented Reality: Microsoft HoloLens 2

Putting on the Microsoft HoloLens 2 made me long for 5G. The new augmented-reality glasses, targeted at the business sector, fill your vision with “holograms” that let architects see the pipes in a wall or doctors see the

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Cable TV was once the ultimate entertainment necessity. The over-the-air days of VHF/UHF television signals couldn’t keep up with voracious viewers who needed more and more channels. Having a cable directly pumping all that content into your home bec
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Astronauts 3D-Print Beef on the International Space Station
Most people like eating meat, but the ecological impact of raising livestock to feed 7 billion humans is not insignificant. So companies around the world are trying to come up with alternative ways of producing meat and meat-like materials. That’s al
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How to Stream Your Own Content With Plex
If you have a collection of movies and TV shows in your personal library, there’s hardly a better way to manage it than Plex (our reviewer gave it an Excellent rating of 4). Like the similar library app Kodi, Plex gives you an attractive interface to